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"Live Your Best Life With Purpose, Positive Impact & Play"
- Elton Pereira

Elton Pereira, who raps under the name EMP, made his rap single debut on Sept 9, 2022. EMP woke up one morning to music and was inspired to write some lyrics. He started with 2 rap songs that had deep personal meaning and purpose, and sent them to Emmy Award winning producer Eric Harper. They collaborated on one of the songs to create a special vibe that would resonate universally. After the compilation was completed EMP felt the desire to incorporate a music video to take it to the next level. That’s when he joined forces with Award winning short film producer and digital media artist Alec Watson along with 6 talented hip hop dancers from Nanaimo to bring some fire and energy to the rap single.

EMP launched “Lucky 7” as a fun and exciting challenge, and to inspire others to shine bright, spread love, be creative, pursue their passions, push past their comfort zone, elevate their game, compete hard, and live their best life. EMP explains that true magic happens when you do things with positive intentions, purpose and relentless conviction to the best of your abilities without worrying about what other people think.

Elton Pereira is the consummate young serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in leadership, business and strategic management, branding, sales and marketing, and financial planning; a keen eye for identifying market trends; and unlimited energy. Pereira, the 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is a Partner in SureSwift Capital, an entrepreneur-founded software-as-a-service portfolio; and an Angel Investor in a number of tech companies including STN Video, North Americas fastest growing sports, entertainment and lifestyle video distribution network.

Elton Pereira will continue to pursue passion projects to fuel his inner fire, inspire others to be great, be positive, make a real difference in the world and have fun in the process.

Some of Elton’s goals include prioritizing deep meaningful relationships with family and friends, leading a healthy and active lifestyle, mentoring and supporting small businesses, and continuously learning and growing. He is also looking forward to challenging himself and seeing the world and all its beauty through a different lens by continuing to travel, explore and adventure.

Aside from creating, mentoring and supporting numerous technology businesses over the years, Elton Pereira is excited to be releasing music under EMP as a form of artistic expression. He is very grateful for all your love and support.

Notable Awards & Honors:

2017 VIATeC Community Champion Award
2015 - 2016 World Vision Recognition for Humanitarian Efforts
2012 BCTIA Community Engagement Award
2011 Peter B. Gustavson Distinguished Alumni Award
2010 Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year
2007 Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year
2006 Vancouver Island Top 40 under 40

Press Release:

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September 9, 2022 | Tech Entrepreneur Turns to Rap to Inspire Others


Elton Pereira